Staff List

Suraj Devi
To students and to the Ashram Suraj is an integral part. Her presence is always warm and welcoming, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and relaxed no matter their level of ability or experience in Yoga.
Suraj spent her early years training in India, her feeling for the depth of Yoga and interest in Philosophy eventually lead her to Yoga in Daily Life and the guidance of this Master Yoga System.
As a visual art teacher, her interest is bringing out the beauty of everyone.
Agni Dev
Purnima .
With 25 years of experience teaching Yoga, relaxation and Meditation, Purnima is now a full time volunteer teacher and trainer for Yoga in Daily Life Australia. She has travelled arround the world developing her Yoga knowledge and experience, especially in India and Europe. Her former career in Human Resource Management and experience in raising a family, give her a practical approach to yoga which is applicable to modern day life.
Ratan Puri
Ratan has joined us from Croatia, where Yoga in Daily Life has several major centres and is recognised as the main Yoga practice with huge events held annually. Her training and skills in the Ashram of Rijeka has helped it steadily grow and become the major cultural hall of the region with huge classes, a vegetarian restaurant, hostel and children programs.
She brings her skills of management to the back end of our centre and her clear focused teaching to the front of house, classes. She has learnt from some of the most experienced Yoga in Daily Life teachers and has a lot to offer all here in Brisbane. 
Usha Ji
Usha is visiting from European Association of Yoga in Daily Life. She has become a valuable member of our team whether here or abroad. She has been practicing Yoga in Daily Life for over 8 years and regularly makes pilgrimages to India and Yoga seminars garnering more knowledge, and providing support for the ongoing development of YIDL globally, for which Brisbane Ashram is a central powerhouse.