Swami instructs the following:
  • Deep Relaxation Class
    Relaxation should be the easiest of things to do. But in reality it is an art. The ability to relax consciously and at will is a wonderful skill to have. The Yoga In Daily Life System incorporates relaxation into every class, acknowledging the importance that it has in balancing and nurturing the body. Emphasis is also laid on relaxing during the postures and between postures.
    In this class we start with some harmonising and releasing stretches/postures followed up with a guided Deep Relaxation (aprox 30 minutes).

  • Gentle Yoga
    These classes are presented with a gentle pace and style which encourages focused movement, development of inner reflection, breath awareness and deep relaxation. Includes exercises from levels 1 - 2 and extended deep relaxation.

  • Classic Yoga
    At the heart of our Yoga School are our “Classic Yoga” classes taught in the Newstead centre for the last 20 years. For ongoing physical health, inner harmony and balance, all age groups and abilities are welcome. The pace and content of the class on a particular day may vary according to the abilities of those attending.

  • Beginners Meditation Course - 6 Weeks

  • 6 weeks, meets once per week on Tuesday nights. Students in Meditation courses may also attend the Thursday evening Chakra Meditation classes free for the duration of the course.
    Self-Inquiry Meditation takes us on a journey within ourselves, revealing our inherent potential. The techniques of breath awareness, concentration, chakra and mantra meditation, and visualisation help develop awareness of our inner self, inspiring us to keep a regular daily practice.

    Meditation develops peace and harmony within ourself and all those we come into contact with.

    Cost $90 Bookings essential


  • Rise & Shine Yoga
  • A great way to start the day. These invigorating one hour classes will enhance your vitality and energy levels, balance, clarity and fitness. The classes include Asanas, Meditation and short Relaxation.