Mm. Swami

Mm. Swami instructs the following:
  • Beyond Beginners Yoga Course - Eight Weeks
  • This course is designed for those who have completed the beginners course and want to develop their practice systematically.

    The Yoga in Daily Life System is based around 8 levels of postures, breathing and meditation exercises, designed to be practiced systematically. This course progresses students beyond the beginners levels focussing on levels 2 and 3 of the System.

    Consistent and systematic practice enables a wholistic, safe and balanced progression to the deeper stages of Yoga.

    Meets once per week on Wednesday nights. Includes one additional drop in class per week (8 additional classes) of your choice from our timetable while on the course.

    $160 / $120 (please call for concession bookings)

  • Beginners Yoga Course - Morning Group - 6 weeks
  • 6 weeks, meets once per week on Thursday nights. Includes one additional drop in class per week (6 additional classes) of your choice from our timetable while on the course.
    Yoga is for everyone, of all ages and body types. If you are new to yoga or if you need a recap on the basics regarding breath, relaxation, moving with awareness, maintaining general health, wellbeing, flexibility and strength, then this course is for you.

    The course gives a foundation and understanding of the techniques, effects and theory of yoga, helping to develop your own daily Yoga practice and also to prepare for the regular daily classes held at our centre.

    $120 / $90 (pelase call for concession bookings)

  • Rise & Shine Yoga
  • A great way to start the day. These invigorating one hour classes will enhance your vitality and energy levels, balance, clarity and fitness. The classes include Asanas, Meditation and short Relaxation.

  • Gentle Yoga
    These classes are presented with a gentle pace and style which encourages focused movement, development of inner reflection, breath awareness and deep relaxation. Includes exercises from levels 1 - 2 and extended deep relaxation.

  • Classic Yoga
    At the heart of our Yoga School are our “Classic Yoga” classes taught in the Newstead centre for the last 20 years. For ongoing physical health, inner harmony and balance, all age groups and abilities are welcome. The pace and content of the class on a particular day may vary according to the abilities of those attending.

  • Chakra Meditation
    The flow of life energy or 'prana', as it is called in Yoga, flows into the body through energy centres called Chakras. These meditation classes focus on the eight main chakras of the body, gently balancing and harmonising their energy. Balancing and purifying the chakras enhances clarity of thought and understanding, both of our self and those around us.

  • Evening Satsang
    Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning "in the company of truth". It is an opportunity to gather with like-minded people on the spiritual path to reflect, share and draw inspiration that can be applied in daily life. The evening includes singing of bhajans, (yogic songs explaining the secrets of spiritual practice), a short talk and a guided meditation. The satsang is followed by a shared vegetarian meal and chai.
    $15 / 10 (please call for concession bookings)

  • FULL MOON Meditation
    Meditation is our daily practice, a connecting with the universe and our life’s bigger picture. Like all things animate and inanimate we are permeated by consciousness and in that way connected to everything. At the time of full moon this connective energy is “Purna” (full, complete) and meditation at this time is greatly enhanced. Often we feel strong emotions, both positive and negative as a result of the full moon cycle and it is precisely at this time we can enter a deep inner journey, evaluating and understanding ourselves, taking stock and opening the doors to new beginnings. In a fast paced world, taking the time to stop, relax, be still and meditate is essential to our daily health and happiness.
    Join us for guided meditation in our spacious Yoga centre or garden (weather permitting). The evening will be guided by our special guest Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasrajpuri supplemented with live background music on classical guitar.

  • Mindful Breath Workshop - Yoga Breathing for harmony of body, mind and soul

  • Yoga Breathing for harmony of body, mind and soul

    Since ancient times Yogis have practiced awareness and control of the breath, known as Pranayama, as a powerful medium for developing mental peace, harmony and clarity.

    This practical workshop teaches simple and practical breathing techniques to:

    • relieve stress and anxiety
    • release tension
    • cope better with conflict
    • increase awareness and vitality
    • develop clarity of thought
    • nourish happiness and well-being
    • improve sleep and the ability to relax

    Based on the teaching of the Yoga In Daily Life tradition, participants of all levels will leave with valuable tools to enhance their wellbeing that are easily applicable in even the busiest lifestyle.

    $45 / $35 (please call for concession bookings)