The doctrine of Karma is not one of fatalism. In accordance to the Law of Karma, good actions give rise to good results; bad actions give rise to bad results; and good and bad actions give rise to good and bad results. They do not cancel off or nullify one another.

They are 3 kinds of Karma:

SANCHIT KARMA = (also called collective karma), is the collection of Karmas from all lives. Only part of our Sanchit Karma comes into effect in each life, as it would be impossible to experience and endure all our collective Karma at once.

PRALABDHA = are those Karmas from earlier lives that are now ripe / ready to be worked through in this present life - time.

KRIYANAMAN KARMA = are the Karmas we create from our deeds and actions in this present life.

How can we overcome our Karma?
Through self- effort and wisdom. Effort means avoidance of unwholesome actions and thoughts, and wisdom means through the purification of one`s own mind. This will enable one to see the real nature of existence and thereby recognise the process how suffering arises and how it ceases.


In the words of Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji:                           

One who knows their true Self                           
Changes from a goose to a Swan                                 
And flies without wings                                      
There is no limit.....