The full MOON ( PURNIMA)

"What is the significance of Purnima (the full Moon)?"

Swamiji: " Physically seen, the Moon is a celestial body, a satellite of the earth. Mentally seen, it possesses a special radiance with great importance for all living beings. It radiates power which influences the human consciousness, (as spiritual energy), to a high degree. Especially during the days of full Moon, is much more intense than on other days. Therefore, we ought to especially try to think positively, use friendly words and act well. As an exemple, we can feed hungry animals, donate gifts and help the poor. Such deeds performed under a full Moon, are deeds venerated to God and in many parts of the world, such things are carried out by tradition on this day.

Spiritual humans are especially sensitive and touchy. Their consciousness is very pure, therefore they can be hurt very easily. However, the difference between their emotions and that of other people is that the reaction is comparatively only like a line drawn on the surface of water. Waves exist only for a few moments, then subside and the surface becomes smooth again. However, the human who is still bound in ignorance, keeps traces of emotions within, as if it would be engraved in stone. Sometimes this trace of emotion can be borne as anger and revenge all their life.


The day of full Moon is a very spiritual day, where an aspirant feels especially near to their Master and to God. On this day, one should pray, meditate and fast."