What is Yogi's Phalahari diet?

PHALAHARI diet derives from the sanskrt word Phal, which means fruit. During past centuries as well as today, many yogis take only fruits, a little milk and nuts.

In this diet it is advisible to eat only fruits and vegetables (no bananas and no potatos), some nuts, a little yellow mung dhal and some tofu. Also little milk or yoghurt each a day.

There are great changes in the body  when you take a phalahari diet - you become more flexible, and the digestive process is quicker - the body de-toxifies faster, and you experience less joint and body pains.

It is advisible to follow this kind of diet for a minimum 3 weeks, or 3 months for better results, and if you really want to improve your health and loose weight, than one year. When you are starting it can be a challenge, but always remember you can eat as much as you like, even 5 times a day!