Making a Shankalpa - a Positive Resolve

Every time we make a Shankapla we set ourselves a clear goal, with this in place, we can watch everything fall into position, and the realisatiion of our positive resolve manifest. The real question then, is how do i formulate a shankalpa? Becasue when done correctly, it's already being fulfilled.

Normally, as part of setting a new shankalpa we practice Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique, in which the subconscious mind is very alert. All the while we are fully conscious, and aware of ourselves, yet far beyond the problems of the day to day. This is an important step - to create the right environment, inside and outside, in which we can truly become clear in and with the shankalpa.

Next, the actual shankalpa is repeated mentally, it's formulated in such a way there is no doubt, and the benefits are for all. Something like 'i will practice each day', naturally when we feel good we radiate that to others, so it's easy to see the benefits for all. Or 'my love and devotion shall grow day by day', it's amazing how such a simple, well intentioned statement brings absoloute peace. You can make a shankapla for anything, to overcome a bad habit, to help others, to do more study or to be a more kind and loving. It just needs to resonate with you - something you sincerely seek, something needed for your life to blossom, and for your potential to expand.

The next step, after repeating it mentally, is to let it go. Imagine you let a little toy boat off in the middle of a lake, you know it will again be brought, sooner or later to the shore, in the same manner you let go mentally and give yourself freedom from being insistent this must happen- rather you let it happen. It's so much more beautiful then, and effortless. You can make numerous shankalpas, but the best is when you repeat the same until it comes to fruition.

And it will.