Scientific Research on Yoga

Though we, like anyone who practices Yoga knows - the benefits are incredible. And as such, it's always nice to read something like this:

“If there was a drug that could mimic the effects of yoga, it would probably be the world’s best-selling drug.” ~Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy, M.D.

For ages Yogi's have been teaching what brings Harmony to body, mind and Soul, though modern research is proving this not only a magical selection of words, it's becoming an everyday reality. We cant dismiss the benefits of Yoga, either we practice or we dont. The benefits, needless to say, of a practice including meditation, pranayam and asanas extends far more into everday life than that of a purely Asana class. And Yoga is about how you feel day to day, not just after your time on the mat, the Yoga practice itself should not be an addiction but the wholeness the practice brings into our daily life should be the inner demand to keep practicing.

We wish you a great 2014, with many new Shankalpa's (positive resoloutions) to practice, to be healthy and to enjoy all the simple things that life supplies you with.