Khatu Pranam - balance mind, body and soul

Khatu Pranam is a flowing series of asanas that balances and harmonises body, mind and soul. It is the foundation of the Yoga in Daily Life system.

Just a few rounds of Khatu Pranam once or twice a day will re-energise and calm you, especially when you are feeling tired or stressed.

Physically, Khatu Pranam strengthens and conditions the whole body. Through breathing, the lungs are expanded and breath flows freely through the body, stimulating circulation. When you regularly perform Khatu Pranam, the spine will become more flexible and organs and glands maintain regular function. Regular practice of Khatu Pranam can regulate the entire nervous system, helping to alleviate anxiety and depression.

Khatu Pranam is also an expression of the spirit (mudra), that regulates your chakras and ensures prana flows freely through your body. When you commit to regular practice, you will find that your consciousness expands, bringing you into harmony with the universe.