Making a sankalpa – a firm resolve

With 2015 upon us, it is time to start thinking about setting a sankalpa, or firm resolve, that will help you reach your goals or make changes in your life in the year to come.  A sankalpa is different from a resolution. It is a positive commitment to change. But a sankalpa is more than just positive thinking. You must be committed to your goal. If you are, and take the right steps, it is already fulfilled.

Sounds good, but how does it work?
Setting a sankalpa - sunrise meditation
First, find your sankalpa. You can make a shankalpa for anything, to overcome a bad habit, to spend more time helping others, to be a more kind and loving, or to make a greater commitment to yoga. A shankalpa should resonate deeply – it must be something you sincerely seek, that will help your life blossom, and our potential expand. Spend some time contemplating different ideas, until you settle on one.

Then, practise yoga nidra. In yoga nidra, you reach a state where you are deeply relaxed, but your subconscious mind is still alert. You remain aware of yourself, but are removed from your day to day problems. Creating the right environment, in which you can attain clarity, is a vital step.

Next, repeat your sankalpa, phrasing it in a positive way that is free from doubt. For example: ‘I practice yoga every day’, or ‘I feel strong and healthy’, or ‘I am at peace with myself’. Keep it short and simple.

Finally, . Imagine a balloon drifting off into the sky, or a little toy boat that sails off into the of a lake, out of reach and far away. When you let go mentally and allow things to unfold naturally, attaining your sankalpa will feel effortless.

You can make more than one sankalpa, but it is advisable to repeat the same one until it comes to fruition.

And it will.