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BEGINNERS YOGA COURSE's are not just if your new to yoga, they help you begin again, Or they help you begin, while already practicing, with the basics again. Learning how to properly align, properly breath, properly understand the yoga teachings and what their goal is - to come back to a simple practice that is fundamentally effective and valuable, skilfully assisting us through 
everyday life, without a doubt.


Yoga has proven it's effectiveness for everyone who practices. Those who practice physical forms of yoga benefit immensely, physically. Those who practice meditation and yoga, and breath work and yoga benefit from peace of mind, as well as improvements to their physical health. And those who practice a combination of the above and understand the real essence of yoga, it's philosophy, it's application in daily life, ways to interact with the world and understand oneself, fully come into their own. They fully realise their innate potential and start to live it, thus their lives become fulfilling.

And this is our aim here at Yoga in Daily Life. We wish you fulfilment, inner peace, wellbeing and fundamentally, Good Heath.

Join us for the next Beginners Course it's a 12 week series in the fundamentals of Yoga; practical, guided, skilful. 6pm Wednesdays from 26th August.