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Mudra Mosaic
These are just a few pictures of common mudras you practice every class

Mudras are positions held in Yoga practice, that re-balance the flow of vital energy in the body. They can be so effective in overcoming states of depression and anxiety and creating a sense of inner harmony that we should know more about, and use them during the week. You’ll find yourself in these positions during a Yoga in daily life class, but you may not be aware of how your deeply benefiting yourself. 

I’m always newly amazed at how incredibly scientific the ancient Yogic science is, and how much good it does for the human psyche. Our only problem is that we tend to practice quickly, desiring physical health, and performing postures we like, more than those we need. While that’s a positive contribution in making us ‘feel good’ , It’s not the best way to heal deeply, and manifest our deeper soul wish, to achieve fulfilment.

Yes, It’s necessary to put yourself in the hands of a qualified, well experienced teacher to fully understand Yoga, and it’s depth. It’s a gradual process and what you’ll encounter is perhaps not what you expected, but what can most certainly help you immensely.  

Since teaching in the city I’ve learnt that people don't want to ‘follow’, rather, they want the teacher to conform to what they think they need. And they’re quick to change teachers when they don't think they’re getting what they need. While that’s true for the most part of our lives, where were encouraged and even taught to be self-reliant and deeply independent. We must also, at some point be willing to surrender our perceived ideas of what we need, to those of someone who has more experience in something time has proven, we can benefit from immensely. It takes courage to surrender, because it involves trust. 

A teacher can take you only so far as they have reached themselves, beyond that - if they’re a good teacher they’ll guide you further, if your fortunate and ready, to an enlightened Master. That’s the value of a Lineage - more on that another time. - Now back to mudras….

What you find in slowly down, and holding certain introverted postures and forming different positions of the hands is that all your inner systems re-energise, and re-balance. And with that your emotions and sense of identity realigns with your higher purpose. This enables you to pursue the real quest of human life, and remain on the path to your inner fulfilment, finding and living your purpose. 

Who you ‘think’ you are is often the biggest obstacle to experiencing your true self, who you Really are. 

Vishwaguruji always says, ‘to know who you are, you must first know, how you are’. We can only experience that by calming down, developing our self awareness, and surrendering in the moment to that teacher who helps us on the journey, that takes us within.

With Best Wishes,
Sadhvi Shivjyoti