Med Pos Mosaic

A meditation posture is what we call in Yoga “Comfortable seat” here we share some simple options as well as those that are more well known, and in the words of Vishwaguruji “Liberation doesn’t come from the posture” so we encourage you to find that steady and comfortable seat ‘Asan’, which allows you to turn inward.

All Asanas / Yoga postures are designed to help you maintain premium health so that you can and will naturally be drawn to ‘sit comfortably’. The more Yoga we do, if it’s real traditional Yoga, the more introspective we become and the more self-inquiry we are drawn to.

We often start with Sukasana, one leg in front of the other, it’s also known as ‘easy pose’. So easy that you should be able to remain here, if properly supported on a cushion for up to one hour. Knees should be on the ground, and below the hips

Next is Siddhasana, which is a more ‘adept asan’ and helps channel the energy in the body, to that the soul can unite in oneness. Essentially, no pressure should be felt in the body so that the consciousness can ascend.

Then Padmasana, or Lotus, also known as the ‘Royal pose’, and one that most of us cant remain comfortable in, even for a moment…… without forcing, If you can however come into the pose, even in a few minutes you’ll feel instantaneously relaxed, at peace and balanced on all levels. Interestingly, Yogis who can sit like this for several hours don’t even use their hands to help them into the pose! So for most, it’s not an option…….it’s not comfortable.

Kneeling is also shown here, and using the stool ensures the back is straight, which is always important for the free flow of Prana through the body. Kneeling also supports deep relaxation.

If you doze off to sleep, which many do, at least when starting to practice meditation, it’s not such a bad thing, just practice becoming aware of it, how sleep comes, how it goes. Develop the awareness and you’ll overcome it. Soon you’ll feel even deeper regeneration and relief of stress through meditation.

Enjoy daily, and remember, your comfort is important, trial different cushions or blankets that help you remain steady. That will support your journey inward, and there you’ll find, and only there, everlasting peace and joy.

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