The seemingly arduous task of finding the answers within oneself for the solution to all our problems, dilemmas and misunderstandings isn’t quite so arduous after all, when we step back and see how our life is, allowing it to run it’s own course. Without paying attention to the real meaning of life we can get lost or rather pre-occupied with the demands of the day to day activities that are never ending. If we lack constant discernment we can easily get drawn into the multitude of activities that neither serve our inner wellbeing nor carry us to the destination that we were brought here to attain. 


Although at times our spiritual path and spiritual discipline if we’ve been wise enough to step into it can seem tough, in reality it’s a great blessing and joy to be be granted with spiritual eyes that search for meaning beyond what’s visible in everyday life. Spiritual Life and material life are like two wings of the bird that help the soul soar towards God. 

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With true spiritual vision we learn the art of balancing our life by committing time each day for inner wellbeing and spiritual transformation, this ‘spirituality’ doesn't mean that we neglect our daily obligations, rather our ‘spirituality’ brings a whole new perspective into our life, this essence of understanding that ushers in balance, creativity and wisdom to go through all situations with grace and peace, remaining on purpose and in our hearts. This attitude keeps us calm and through calmness we contribute to world peace.

There are two things we must always remember, not to allow the commitments of life and the overwhelming demands to detract us or to take our attention into them so much so that we forget and have no time for our inner self and the second, not to see the inner spiritual work as arduous, painful or just another responsibility. Rather we are doing it in order to break the chains and be set free from our own mental limitations and conditioning. 


Many come to me at a point where they are ready to give up, and I can understand them, sometimes it does feel like everything has become a bit much and the compromises seemingly made to remain on the spiritual path appear to conflict with the rest of what we imagine our life to be progressing toward! So the solution, we think is to commit less time to the spiritual life and avoid what’s believed to be the cause of the conflict, we avoid solving the problems that we have come up against. In truth, the reality and clarity we gain through our spirituality is what highlights the areas of conflict already in our life that need attention, we have received the opportunity and blessing to resolve it. 



The sudden desire to give up whatever becomes difficult is a very common mistake in the western world, surrounded by our comforts its easy to think we don't deserve any hardships. Perhaps this is less common in some other parts, but it’s still very much the subconscious which tries to bury everything that reflects back to us our inner conflict. This propensity of ours to give up certainly does take us off the tracks we were on to our spiritual destination, and inevitably makes our life harder, not easier, because we avoid the necessary work that has to be done to set us free. 

So when people ask, sometimes ready to ‘throw in the towel’ so to speak, I remind them that this problem has been there all along and this little extra pressure is just showing it up. Instead of blaming and avoiding why don't you take it as a blessing, using the torch light of spirituality to reveal areas where you need to correct your thinking and ideas. This is a chance where you can work through where you’ve gone astray and what you need to change in order to truly progress.


So the problem is not the spiritual path, it’s our attitude and misunderstanding about it’s purpose in our lives. Let us at least pause each time a new challenge presents itself, taking a deep breath to re-new again, re-new the courage we had in the beginning and our dedication to the purpose so that we may not sacrifice our spiritual wealth for a short term convenient solution.   

The sacrifice we make in giving up on our spiritual sadhana (practices) is not a sacrifice we should consider, we need a great deal of faith to continue and as Vishwaguruji says ‘the most crucial element for your development in every aspect of life is inner communication, the ability to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, through this you will be able to overcome the most difficult life situations’. 

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Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up, don't give up your spiritual wealth for anything, don't give up your spiritual journey for anything, no matter how tempting, no matter how elusive something may seem. The only true wealth, which we have forever is what we gain through our spiritual devotion, faith, sadhana, meditation and belief in the divine. Create harmony, create understanding, mutual support and love in your hear for all, this clears obstacles out of the way. 

Learn to feel happy because you are blessed with these eyes to see the spiritual light, feel yourself honoured that the Divine has chosen to give you such a vision that causes you to search for the real meaning of your life.


Give your Smile because your gift of love lights up this world, and keep going however your situation may look, however hard it may seem, however tired you are or how much you think you are loosing, for as long as you are on a true path to Self-Realisation with honest devotion there can never be any loss.