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We often think of Mantra as a kind of ritual practice that offers a particular benefit we can't quite quantify, but when correctly practiced with dedication and faith we soon find out the benefits are indeed very tangible.

Some of the benefits include greater clarity of mind, protection from negative thoughts which are the root cause of all our troubles in the world and clear perception of our connection with the omniscient power of the universe.

My intention is not to discuss mantra but to encourage it's practice, and thus allow it to reveal it's real benefits to you. My Guru always says 'tonnes of theory is equal to a gram of practice' so my only real motivation is to inspire you to practice....... and see the result. For many the most profound results are a sense of being protected. 

Normally we repeat one mantra repetition per bead, so that's 108 times by the time you complete one round of mala. There are 5 levels of mantra practice, and these steps help to learn and finally actualise the mantra within.

They are:

  • Likit; to write the mantra repeatedly
  • Bekhari; to chant the mantra in one's own melody
  • Upansu; to chant innerly, the lips may move but there is no outward sound
  • Mansik; Mentally repeating the mantra
  • Ajapa; The highest level, when the mantra repletion is spontaneous and quite constant  
  • The real success in mantra is when its spontaneous and constant, this means that no other thought is there, only the mantra, and this is indeed very powerful. 

A personal Mantra received from a Guru is the highest blessing, and a definite path to liberation, other MANTRAS You can use include:

This mantra helps to achieve wisdom and knowledge by praying to Ganesha to remove the obstacles and hinderances both internal and external that hinder success, he is also teh one who opens and reveals spiritual gifts in spiritual people. it is a very good idea to always start anything with remembrance and repetition of Ganesha mantra.


This mantra leads one beyond all types of suffering and afflictions to the realisation of the pure light of truth. It is a very powerful mantra and helps to free one from all fears. Shiva represents pure consciousness, truth and beauty. 


This mantra means; My adoration to the cosmic light, may my heart and entire being receive the divine light which purifies all my suffering, frees me from attachments and illumines my consciousness, may I merge and become one with the Universal Consciousness.


The vibration of each mantra when constantly repeated brings about the real understanding of it from within. Realisation of the mantra is when knower, knowledge and the object of that knowledge become ONE. Realisation can't be taught, it's imbibed and reflects the inner state, when we're ready it will happen.