Nada yoga: the healing power of sound

If you have ever listened to a piece of music that has moved you to feel something – whether joy, happiness, fear or sadness – you will know already how powerful sound is. Just think about the way sound is used in movies: sound can haunt, inspire, bring tears to your eyes or bring you, literally, to the edge of your seat. 

More importantly, sound has the power to heal. And this is what nada yoga is about. Nada yoga means “union through sound”. It is how we connect to ourselves, and to the universe, through meditating on sacred sounds. Nada yoga harnesses the power of sound vibrations to heal your body, mind and soul.

According to the system of nada yoga, sound energy in motion lies at the heart of the cosmos. This explains why humans, animals and even plants respond favourably to music. But nada yoga recognises that sound and music can bring us so much more than just pleasure: it provides a medium for achieving higher states of consciousness, and for transcendence.

Mantra harnesses the power of nada yoga, as does meditating to the vibrational energy of instruments such as tabla and Tibetan singing bowls. This is why we try to incorporate this music into our yoga and meditation classes wherever we can.

On an everyday level, nada yoga can help you feel calmer and more peaceful, aid concentration and focus, and give you a feeling of contentment and success in daily life.

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