Kumbha Mela - a journey through the sights and sounds of spirituality

To try and explain the Kumbha Mela seems like an impossible task ... it is very difficult to put into words. What transpires here over the month will elevate and awaken the consciousness of everyone who comes here in some way, profound or subtle. And these impressions will last a lifetime.

The Kumbha Mela experience is an incredible journey through sights and sounds of what spirituality means to a myriad of people. The vastness of what can be experienced here is phenomenal, at the very least we can let go of our judgements that only one way is the right way, because this place and this time will prove it wrong. India is a land of contrasts and the people are no exception: there are no rules. It’s faith that brings us all here, to merge with an even greater energy that is particularly available at this time in this place; it’s why over 15 million people will converge throughout the month making it, and every Kumbha Mela the largest gathering on earth!

There are countless Saints, Gurus and rare Spiritual Masters here for the Kumbha Mela that all open their camps for people to come and meet them. The atmosphere is divinely welcoming, almost as if your expected, and there are many opportunities to gather in their presence and just experience Supreme Peace, which is possible despite all the noise!

In our camp, Yoga in Daily Life teachers and students from around the world have come to be with Vishwaguruji. We have a large open space and simple comfortable accommodation. Each day brings new experiences and different programs, one never quite knows what to expect. Yet there is a sense of fullness and richness to everything that happens, something more, each event has ‘spirituality’ at its essence, and unlike tourism or sightseeing offers deeply profound opportunities through which we can transform ourselves.These are ‘holy days’ rather than holidays.

Bathing in the holy river Shipra at this time has a tremendous effect. The river is steeped in mythology as purifying all karma that would otherwise hold one back from experiencing the state of universal love, freedom and oneness - Self Realisation. So it’s not for nothing millions of people come here, including the Masters and Gurus who otherwise hold tight schedules. For this short time everyone in the spiritual world of Sanathan Dharma is here, in some form or other.