A divine pilgrimage to the source of the Alakhnanda River

The land around Alakhpuriji's Gufa (cave), about a 12km walk from Badrinath, is breathtaking. There are mountain peaks in every direction, so high it's beyond imagination. Each is one impossible to climb. There are stories of people meeting their fate while walking within these mountains.

Looking up from the valley, it’s unfathomable to consider walking, one can only admire and appreciate the absolute majesty and grace of what they offer, how, in this part of the world these gracious mountains have grown like nowhere else. Truly, looking around 360 degrees all I can see are peaks that seem to reach the sky.
At night these mountains light up in a kind of magical lightning display that flashes around with different colours – blues and pinks most often. We camped here and on the first night there were a few clouds so I thought these lights were a sign of some storm, but the second night when the same thing happened without any clouds, only clear open sky, it was testimony to the magic of being here. 

Shivjyoti_meditating_HimalayaThere were many, many mysterious things happening, many of us witnessed them and we all felt Alakhpuriji’s divine light is present here. I asked Vishwaguruji one evening if there were many saints and great rishis and wise men and women that came here to meditate and left their bodies because I had a feeling of this exceptional presence that had remained. His answer was Yes.

“Not only did they leave,” he told me, “but many remained in the karan sarira, which means their light body”. In other words, they are still here. Over the years Vishwaguruji has mentioned that several saints still live from ages back in their light body and they are whom keep the balance of the earth, they are what stops the negative powers from overtaking. To hear the words and to experience that truth is something all together different. 

Here at the base of the Alakhpuri mountains and at the source of Alakhnanda river meditation is a natural state of being. I had to remember to take pictures and to remember the necessary things to do for the day. We had decided to fast for three days while we camped, so there was no Himalaya_hikingneed to cook, no need to clean, and somehow that was a very great decision, that our minds were occupied with the peace and divinity of the place not the day to day necessities. 

Sometimes, of course, in the cold we were a little hungry, but we were also told about certain flowers and herbs that keep you alive for days, weeks or months without any hunger or thirst or feeling that you lack oxygen, which at such a high altitude can often be a problem. Thus the whole environment seems to support meditation, introspection; without all the obligations and limitations we normally experience daily, we are able to realise the source of our existence.
To be here is to experience oneself. To spend the night out here, or few nights, is to be one with the source. In a place like this, you don't have to try or strain to have this experience; the environment that surrounds you permeates through you.

It’s not easy to come here but it’s worth every struggle. This is the source of our spiritual lineage; the place Alakhpuriji still resides in his light body. He passed on the siddhis, knowledge and wisdom to Shri Devpuriji here, who passed these things on to Shri Mahaprabhuji, who has passed it all in it’s entirety onto our Holy Guruji. Vishwaguruji is giving the same blessing and opportunity to all of us.

Vishwaguruji while here, was quiet, He didn't say very much but did indicate that he was experiencing certain phenomena. One night while sitting in Alakhpuriji’s cave, after prayer he just said “we are very fortunate to be here and now it’s our duty to take this light of Shree Alakhpuriji through the world”. 

If it’s so then it’s only through his grace, but the experience and truth and light is definitely something I wish to share and encourage all to experience.