The Yoga in Daily Life system is a progressive system,
with study at each level designed to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the next.

There are eight levels in all, taking you from beginner level through to advanced. Each level can be completed in three months (12 weeks). With dedication and commitment, you will pass naturally through each level, on a journey that will lead to physical, mental, social, and spiritual fulfilment.

It’s a Master System, practiced all over the world with proven, scientific outstanding results.







                                                                                      Things I Need to know when Starting Yoga

If you are just starting out with yoga, or want to learn about the Yoga in Daily Life system from the ground up, this is the course for you.

Learn sarva hitta asanas, basic postures that are gentle on the body and provide a foundation for your ongoing yoga practice. Be introduced to pranayama, or breath techniques, khatu pranam, meditation, and relaxation, and how to incorporate yoga philosophy in your daily life.

This course builds on the foundations you have established by completing the level 1 beginner course.
You will deepen your practical experience of yoga with asanas that promote strength, build energy, and help correct poor posture.

These classical asanas also impact your sense of wellbeing – you will leave each class feeling calm, relaxed, strong and flexible in the world around you.

In the Level 3 course you will continue to practice the sarva hitta asanas, while discovering new postures that further develop your strength and flexibility.

Build on your previous yoga experience, and develop greater self-awareness through mantra, suraya namaskar (salutes to the sun) and exercises that focus more on the manipur or solar plexus chakra and awaken the dormant potential there.

Once you have completed Levels 1–3, it is time to develop your dharana (concentration) through slow, conscious practice. You will hold each position for a longer period of time, which will increase the flow of prana, and heighten the effects on your body, mind and soul.

You will also begin to practice pranayama for extended periods. These postures become more challenging and are held for longer periods.

Over the next 12 weeks, you will learn some dynamic new postures that will make you feel more alive and self-connected. You will continue to develop your ability to still your mind and liberate yourself from others’ expectations.

Your daily yoga practice will now include deep concentration, and observation of the body, mind and senses, which paves the way to deep meditation.


By now you have become aware that yoga is a spiritual as well as a physical discipline, which helps to maintain harmony in your daily life. As you continue your asana, pranayama and dharana practice, you discover a renewed ability to stay focused on your goals, to gain clarity, and make better decisions.

This course will ignite your inner wisdom and steer you on your path to enlightenment. 

You are now beginning to fully appreciate how precious the gift of human life is, and with this comes a deepening desire to uncover your life’s purpose.

As you develop greater self-awareness, and qualities like patience, love and perseverance, you will draw closer to answering important questions. Questions like: Where do I come from? What is the meaning of life? What duty must I fulfil in this life? Where will I go after this life?

We now come to the highest level of asanas – padmasana or lotus pose, the symbol of divine consciousness and love. Lotus is the only sitting posture in which the spine is completely upright and the lungs are entirely free for breathing. Padmasana opens the chakras along the spine. As the qualities of each chakra begin to unfold, you will develop consciousness, wisdom, understanding and goodness.

The more wisdom you possess, the more humble you become. The more understanding you develop, the more helpful your actions will be. The more goodness that resides in your heart, the more love you will feel for everyone and everything”. Swamiji