Guru Purnima - A Very Special Full Moon

The first full moon after the June solstice is celebrated in the eastern traditions of Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism as a very special and significant moment in the year, known as Guru Purnima. In Buddhist tradition the Buddha gave his first teachings, five weeks after his enlightenment in Boddhgaya, in Sarnath in Northern India on this very day. In Jain tradition, Bhagwan Mahavir taught his first disciples on Guru Purnima. Throughout India, people pay respect and reverence to their spiritual masters, and teachers from all fields of the arts with puja, song, meditation, fasting, dancing and celebrations throughout the night. Read More

Self Inquiry Meditation - Discovering our Inner Treasures by Mm Swami Jasraj Puri

One of the integral aspects of any Yoga practice, which assumes a more significant role as practice develops, is meditation. Meditation, and the peace of mind that it brings, is notoriously fickle and elusive. For most of us the mind and it's incessant restlessness make the concept of sitting in deep absorption seem a distant dream. Yoga In Daily Life teaches the techniques of 'Self Inquiry Meditation' to "help us attain Self knowledge through self control and self development". The practices of meditation are ideally developed step by step in conjunction with the practice of Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises). Read More

Mindful Breath - Yogic Breathing for Harmony of Body Mind and Soul by MM Swami Jasrajpuri

The nature of modern life drives us towards progress and technology. The more complicated and mysterious something becomes, the more attractive and satisfying it seems to the hungry mind. Thus, the mind constantly searches for something new. Even within the spiritual journey there is a new practice, a new school, a new meditation constantly emerging. Yet the paradox is that the most simple and ancient techniques are most powerful and transformative. Read More

Welcoming Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasraj Puri to Brisbane

Yoga in Daily Life Australia is honoured to host Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasraj Puri, a contemporary leading light of the Yoga in Daily Life tradition. Swami Jasraj is a long time disciple of His Holiness Vishwaguruji Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda Puri the founder of Yoga in Daily Life. Read More

QLD Island Escape Retreat with Yoga & Meditation Saturday 26 August - Saturday 2 September 2017

Retreat to the iconic, beautiful and truly unique Australia's World Heritage Great Barrier Reef and explore the marine wilderness with daily yoga practices for 7 divine days...... Read More

Vishwaguruji World Tour 2016 - Brisbane Program

All welcome to these enlightening programs ... Read More

A divine pilgrimage to the source of the Alakhnanda River

The land around Alakhpuriji's Gufa (cave), about a 12km walk from Badrinath, is breathtaking. There are mountain peaks in every direction, so high it's beyond imagination. Each is one impossible to climb. There are stories of people meeting their fate while walking within these mountains. Read More

Kumbha Mela - a journey through the sights and sounds of spirituality

To try and explain the Kumbha Mela seems like an impossible task ... it is very difficult to put into words. What transpires here over the month will elevate and awaken the consciousness of everyone who comes here in some way, profound or subtle. And these impressions will last a lifetime. Read More

Yoga holds the possibility to change the state of the World

Peace begins within ones own heart, to see peace in our world first we must discover that it’s source is within each one of us, and that each and every one of our thoughts manifests in someway at some time, according to the law of karma we reap what we sow. So the first step to changing the world is to change ourself.

Through regular Yoga Sadhana we awaken the energy centres within the body that store and produce all the negative and positive experiences in life. In order to master ourselves we must first master these energy centres, which means to understand them. Each chakra has it’s own tendencies and capacities. All emotional turmoil, anger, resentment, guilt and fear can be released through the yogic techniques, which, when practiced correctly and with awareness and proper instruction can lead us to transcend any afflictions, either physical or mental, leading us to experience more positive feelings in our daily life.

Through the practice of meditation we can finally move beyond pain and suffering, we learn how to understand others and develop the ability to see things from their perspective. We experience calmness, compassion, serenity and gratitude. Through meditation we ultimately look within and there we discover all the answers for which we have been searching.

So through Yoga exercises we release the impressions of stored emotions, gather fresh energy, heal the body and improve all it’s functions, and by meditating on the Anahata (heart) chakra we can awaken compassion and humility, allowing us to curb the impulses of anger, fear and depression.

A healthy person creates a happy family, a happy family means a happy society, a happy society leads to a happy nation and in this way Yoga contributes one person at a time, towards world peace, sustainability, and importantly our inner freedom.

Taken from Lecture excerpts and teachings of Vishwaguruji Maheshwarananda

Nada yoga: the healing power of sound

If you have ever listened to a piece of music that has moved you to feel something – whether joy, happiness, fear or sadness – you will know already how powerful sound is. More importantly, sound has the power to heal. Read More