Master Your Life, Master Your Mind

Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranand Ji
excerpt from "Be The Change….."

Everything that you want is within your own hands. If you are happy or depressed, it's in your hands. Stressed or calm, it's in your hands. Peaceful or irritated, it's in your hands. Kind or selfish, it's in your hands. Even enlightenment, liberation or salvation, are in your hands. Others can only help you - parents, partners, doctors and friends - but ultimately you have to do it.

Yoga declares, that if you want to be master of yourself, first master your mind. The cause of your discontent, stress and tension is an overloaded subconscious. Therefore, monitor your desires and watch your thoughts. Only keep positive and helpful thoughts in your mind and discard the rest. There is no place for them.

To gain mastery of your mind, there is a very practical technique to assist you. It's called Self - Inquiry Meditation and it is a feature of the Yoga In Daily Life System.

In Self - Inquiry Meditation the initial practice is to attain complete physical and mental relaxation. Next is to increase the ability to concentrate through the practice of visualisation. Then the mind is turned to inquire into the contents of our own consciousness - to our personal qualities, perceptions and habits of thought. Throughout the technique, it's important to adopt an unbiased viewpoint in order to gain full insight and knowledge of our own mind.

We think we know ourselves quite well, but Self - Inquiry Meditation systematically helps us to face the qualities that are hindering our development and focus on those that will help us.

This practical meditation technique helps to attain self-control and self-mastery and free us from being dependent upon any-thing or any-one. We come to realise that we alone are responsible for our life-course and that the only way to end all suffering is to gain full self-knowledge.

- Beginners Meditation Course (Self Inquiry) - starts Tuesday 19th September
- Beginners Yoga Course - starts Thursday 7th September
- Chakra Meditation (drop in classes) - Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm

Fight and Flight vs Rest and Digest

When the body remains in a constant state of tension, stress or anxiety the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenaline flow of the body is overstimulated. This causes stress on the body. All energy is diverted into being ready to move, to flee or to protect oneself from the stressors all around.

Healing, balancing, digesting and restoring the body occur when we relax. Hormones for relaxing and restoring are released and the body goes through it's processes for resetting the natural recovery systems of the body.

Lack of sleep, overwork, poor diet, extreme exercise and mental tension all put stress upon the body. If these stressors are not balanced by periods of relaxation the body cannot repair itself, thus becoming susceptible to disease. An environment can be created within the body which is receptive to illness. A strong robust immune system is developed and maintained during relaxation and sleep.

Apart from the relaxation and meditation incorporated in every Yoga class at Yoga In Daily Life we offer the following programs specifically aimed towards relieving stress and embracing the restorative qualities of relaxation:

- Urban Yoga Retreats - next on Sunday 17th September
- Deep Relaxation Classes - on Friday afternoons 4-5pm
- Mindful Breath Workshop - Sunday 7th October