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Eco Yoga Mats, Meditation Equipment and more in store, we are home to the best quality items available to support your practice.  
We are open Monday to Saturday, feel free to drop in anytime, browse and enjoy the atmosphere.  
Ask any of our teachers for expert advise, they'll be happy to show you how to use any of the products. 



The Master System

'The Best Yoga Book'

Master System of Yoga in Daily 

Including eight systematic levels of practice, guiding you over a period of two years, the self-enquiry meditation method, pranayam practices, philosophy and detailed knowledge sections.
This amazing book explains it all. 


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Neti Pot

Neti Pot' 
for nasal irrigation


Our net pots are long lasting, stainless steel, and perfect for travel or daily use. Much more natural than chemist solutions and longer lasting that surgery. Learn from Yoga teachers how to practice correctly and stay flu & sinus free all year. Neti gives a feeling of freshness and clarity, is easy and safe to practice.


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Hidden Powers In Humans

'Chakra Book'

Chakras & Kundalini

Explained and detailed descriptions of the energy systems within our body and their potential for spiritual and self-actualisation. The path of Yoga Sadhana is based upon this science of Kundalini awakening.  


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Solid Handmade

'Meditation Stool'

Meditation Stools that are perfect for meditation comfort, hand made from natural Australian sustainable Pine. The meditation stools are perfectly angled to align your spine and achieve the correct posture for meditation, to awaken free flow of energy up the spine and keep any tension away. 
You'll find comfortable support for kneeling meditation


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Lila amrit

'The Divine Life'

Inspiring Stories of Saints from the Yoga in Daily Life lineage, including the birth of the founder and miracles experienced on the spiritual path.

This book is a source of inspiration and guidance for all sincere seekers.


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'Pranayam Stick'

 Hand made in the Ashram

Used as an excellent support for Pranayam techniques, allowing you to practice longer and without pain.
Pranayam (breathing) exercises balance and strengthen the entire nervous system.



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meditation cushion

'Meditation Cushion'


Crescent Moon (Curved) Meditation Cushions in a variety of colours. We have found these to be the most comfortable and popular of all - come and try one before you buy.   




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'Yoga Bolsters'
Release Deep Tension

Extremely helpful for opening the chest during relaxation and deepening the breath, these organic cotton bolsters come in a variety of colours and sizes. Try one out and experience relief from upper back tension and shallow breathing. 


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